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DDNews Cancer Research Exclusive
Recent work with nanoparticles offers a new approach to photo-thermal cancer therapies
(Photo credit: University of Toronto)
The PEARLs (Photothermal Enhancing Auto-Regulated Liposomes) were developed by Dr. Gang Zheng of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and University of Toronto and colleagues, who say they overcome traditional roadblocks to penetrate deeper into tumors.
Ascentage Pharma to initiate Phase 1b study of HQP1351 in tyrosine kinase inhibitors-resistant chronic myeloid leukemia patients in the U.S.
Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship presented a project grant of nearly €1 million to Oncurious NV
A look at a recent FDA decision and analyst forecasts in the field of liquid biopsy
ANGLE plc's clinical study of Parsortix in metastatic breast cancer delivered positive results
It’s never just been about killing or removing tumors; it’s about aiming at them accurately
University of Surrey publishes results on using a cold virus to target cancer cells in bladder cancer patients
Salk Institute team finds that CA19-9, a sugar structure originally targeted as a biomarker for pancreatitis, might actually be the cause of the disease
The pharma giant is gearing up to acquire Array BioPharma for $11.4 billion
Glioblastoma remains a difficult cancer to treat, but the brain malignancy is seeing increasing attention in R&D
by Sue Cramp, Charles River
In pursuit of new options for treating childhood cancers, a new approach to drug discovery and development may be an answer

by Charles River Laboratories
Drs. Ulrike Herbrand, Christopher Sucato and Alvaro Jorge Amor of Charles River Laboratories discuss the challenges of bringing antibody-drug conjugates to market

by S. Anderton and M. Millar
There are currently three main approaches to characterizing the immune landscape of solid tumors: transcriptional profiling, single-cell cytometric analyses and histology; each of these disciplines brings its own benefits and, with rapid technological advances, powerful datasets are now achievable.

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