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DDNews Cancer Research Exclusive
Recent work with nanoparticles offers a new approach to photo-thermal cancer therapies
(Photo credit: University of Toronto)
The PEARLs (Photothermal Enhancing Auto-Regulated Liposomes) were developed by Dr. Gang Zheng of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and University of Toronto and colleagues, who say they overcome traditional roadblocks to penetrate deeper into tumors.
Aptevo will use Genedata platform to streamline cancer immunotherapy R&D
CrownBio licenses translational breast cancer models of resistance and metastasis
The German company seeks to develop next-generation viral-based immuno-oncology therapies
Team finds epigenetic reason for drug resistance in deadly melanoma and identifies potential ways to counteract it
Beginning with a story about Salk researchers finding a ‘master control switch' for aggressive breast cancer, we give you a quick roundup of recent breast cancer news in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Collaboration will focus on pharmacology models to support biopharma R&D with a goal of developing new cancer therapeutics
Mount Sinai scientists find that deactivating the protein TEAD1 could make it possible to stop glioblastoma tumor cells from spreading
Fred Hutchinson researchers find that cancer cells evade immunotherapy by hiding a telltale marker, suggesting a possible way to prevent relapse

Columbia Business School report examines how cancer drugs have impacted mortality for patients
by Dr. Eyal Talor, CEL-SCI
A look at what to expect from the second generation of cancer immunotherapies, after the progress--and pitfalls--of CAR-T cell therapies

by JK Bryan & A Zupnick, Novella
When it comes to oncology clinical trials, drug developers need to stay abreast of the rapidly evolving and competitive landscape while also remaining flexible and innovative in responding to these changes

by Dr. Alexey Eliseev, RXi
The “War on Cancer” declared by the National Cancer Act of 1971 proceeded through a series of evolutionary developments in chemotherapy, radiation treatments and targeted therapies, but until recently was only marginally successful in extending the lives of late-stage cancer patients. A major breakthrough has been achieved over the last decade with the development of immunotherapeutic treatments that empower a patient’s own immune cells to destroy tumors

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