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Genologics’ LIMS forms SOLiD link
May 2009
by Lloyd Dunlap  |  Email the author


VICTORIA, British Columbia—GenoLogics is teaming with Applied Biosystems, a division of Life Technologies Corp., to provide an integrated lab and data management solution for Applied Biosystems' next-generation advanced genomic analysis platform, the SOLiD System.

The SOLiD trademark is the acronym for "Sequencing by Oligonucleotide Ligation and Detection." The system is described as "a highly accurate, massively parallel genomic analysis platform that supports a wide range of applications." The system generates more than 20 gigabases and 400M tags per run with an accuracy greater than 99.94 percent.

"Genologics is a new partner participating in our SOLiD Software Development Community program," notes Applied Biosystems' Roger Canales, senior program manager of the SOLiD software development community. "We evaluate our partners for their commitment and technical expertise in developing high-quality software for the SOLiD System. Genologics provides a high-quality software solution called Geneus, which is a highly flexible and configurable Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) and data pipelining system, which allows users to plug in command line-driven analysis tools such as those being developed by Applied Biosystems. SOLiD customers who are looking for a LIMS capability with the flexibility to configure command-line data analysis tools for their application analysis workflows will benefit from Genologics' Geneus software solution."

"Geneus is highly configurable and flexible lab and data management system that supports workflows across multiple technology platforms. It provides genomics facilities with an end-to-end solution from sample and workflow management, to automating pipelines and enabling reporting. Geneus is also part of a broader suite of informatics solutions for discovery labs, which enables translational research and systems biology projects," says Sal Sanci, the company's vice president of product management.

"Our relationship with GenoLogics helps ensure that scientists using the SOLiD System are fully supported with an end-to-end lab and data management solution, enabling efficient management of their growing volumes of next-generation sequencing data," Canales says. "SOLiD customers who are looking for LIMS with the flexibility to configure command-line data analysis tools for their application analysis workflows will benefit from Genologics' Geneus software solution."

Agreeing, Sanci says the key driver is customers' need for an end-to-end solution. The product configuration, he adds, depends on the size and type of lab.

"'Configurability' is a key point of differentiation," he says. "From a small lab with one or two instruments to a large facility, we can configure a system in no more than a few hours." 

"End-to-end," he notes, means that the samples run today may have been run first weeks or months before and that comparisons over time must also be seamless.

"Helping put data together is what we do best," Sanci states. "For all intents and purposes, optimizing data management optimizes throughput."

Canales adds, "Data management and analysis solutions such as the one that Genologics provides will enable SOLiD customers to process and interpret their data faster. This will, in turn, allow these customers to continue concentrating on experiments that accelerate their research efforts."

"We are pleased that Applied Biosystems found Geneus to be a uniquely qualified lab and data management solution for their next generation sequencing platform," sums up Sanci. "Our relationship will provide SOLiD System users with a single data management solution from sample submissions to results not only for their next-generation sequencing projects, but also for their other genomics research."
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