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Multi-scale Workstation Improves Synthesis Efficiency, Brinkmann Instruments
September 2007

Available from Brinkmann Instruments Inc., is a new synthesis Application Bulletin that describes the concept of a multi-scale synthesis workstation that chemists may use with minimal set-up, simply adding or removing specific modules to suit their application. The multi-scale synthesis workstation comprises a closed-loop water chiller, a stirring hotplate, a choice of plug-in synthesis modules plus unique water and gas distribution manifolds. The multi-scale synthesis workstation features two water manifolds designed to allow cooling water from a single source to be evenly distributed to multiple condensers and then the flow recombined to one return/drain tube. Each water manifold contains a series of 5 shut-off valves that automatically open when a connector is plugged in, and close and seal when the connector is removed. Consequently, synthesis/reaction modules can be simply plugged in or removed from the workstation rapidly and without water spills. Similar to the water distribution manifold the gas/vacuum distribution manifold allows gas or a vacuum from a single source to be evenly distributed to up to 5 reactions making it ideally suited for both vacuum and gas purging. Instead of using traditional mains water supply, the multi-scale synthesis workstation uses a chiller to provide cooling water. Able to service up to 5 standard condensers simultaneously, the Minichiller radically reduces water consumption, improves cooling efficiency, ensures constant cooling unaffected by variations in water pressure, and reduces the risk of flooding should tubing become dislodged.
Brinkmann Insruments Inc.



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