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GenTel Biosurfaces, Abnova team up: GenTel calls on Abnova to provide antibodies to order for custom microarrays
December 2005
by Chris Anderson  |  Email the author


MADISON, Wis.—GenTel Biosurfaces Inc., a multiplex immunoassay technology company, announced last month that it would partner with Taipei, Taiwan-based Abnova Corp. whereby Abnova would provide protein and antibody content for Gentel's new custom multiplex immunoassay development service. GenTel will use it's PATH ultra-thing nitrocellulose surface technology for the production of the multiplexed immunoassays, a technology the company claims has the highest sensitivity in the market for antibody microarrays.
GenTel turned to Abnova because of the company's high-throughput approach to monoclonal antibody production –Abnova says it has a generating capacity of 500 mouse monoclonal antibodies each month –which will make it easier to source the antibodies needed for its custom service.
"We have seen from our customers that if we create a product line for bleeding disorders, for instance, and a menu of antigens after talking to people in the industry, our customers will say they like it, but ask if we can remove one antigen and add another and so on," says Robert Negm vice president of business development for GenTel. "We then need to turn around and provide that custom assay. So what you need is access to a number of different antibody clones to the same antigen. To do that it requires access to on-the-fly biologicals or protein content."
Which is where Abnova enters into the equation. "Most of the antibodies requested, we can get from a variety of different sources on the market and, if that is the case, it's a no-brainer and we can provide a customer with a prototype of their customized product within eight to 12 weeks," Negm states.
But when the antibodies aren't readily available, GenTel can now turn to Abnova who will develop them specifically for the requested application.
"GenTel will benefit from Abnova's world-class technologies to deliver robust antigens and monoclonal antibodies within a 16-week timeline," says Dr. Wilber Huang, president of Abnova.
For GenTel customers that means requested customized immunoassays can be in their hands anywhere from six to nine months after they make the request. Further, Negm notes, GenTel's customers not only benefit by getting new matched-antibody pairs, but can also have access to the same purified recombinant antigen used in the initial mouse immunizations.
While the expense associated with such customized work is certainly not for everyone, Negm says the product fits the company strategy of providing the best service they can to a small handful of very large companies. That allows GenTel to provide a very high level of service.
"We want our customers to feel that when they work with us, we are their employees," says Negm. "If you have a problem, I'll be on a plane tomorrow to help you fix it."
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