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RNA purification market studied

ARLINGTON, Va.–RNA isolation/purification is a vital step in a number of downstream applications including real-time quantitative PCR, reverse transcription PCR, microarrays, Northern blot analysis, nuclease protection assays, RNA mapping, in vitro translation and cDNA library construction. The need for purified RNA in so many experiments across several scientific disciplines has quickly made RNA purification an indispensable tool for both academic and industrial scientists. As a result, a large market of RNA purification products including both commercial kits and reagents has developed.
A new market report from Bioinformatics LLC, The RNA Purification Market: Evaluating Competitive Dynamics & Establishing Benchmarks, provides insights into the types of products required to support this work as well as who the top suppliers are in the market.  Based on a 34-question survey of 813 scientists who currently purify RNA, the report benchmarks the current market by comprehensively reflecting researchers' experimental parameters and uses for purified RNA, current and future levels of sample throughput and the particular purification methods employed.  In addition, it provides a closer look at two directions in which the RNA purification market could be moving—outsourcing samples for purification and the use of robotics for high-throughput purification.
One significant challenge facing the field of RNA purification is the difficulty of extracting RNA from different types of cells and tissues; a related challenge is sample scarcity, especially in a clinical setting. The heterogeneity of RNA attributes across different organisms and cell types adds additional complexity for suppliers, forcing them to design a range of sample-dependent offerings.  In such a product landscape of kits and reagents applicable only to specific organisms, cell and/or tissue types, suppliers find themselves competing for share across a very fractured user base. As a result of these and other challenges, product offerings for RNA purification face performance mandates around yield and sample stability.
The report provides information about the segment of scientists who do not use commercial kits and reagents, and instead rely on homebrew methods and examines the competitive dynamics of the RNA purification marketplace—from the perspectives of both the reagent suppliers and the kit suppliers. Respondents reveal the supplier attributes that are of the greatest importance and detail areas where suppliers presently perform above or below expectations. The report also assesses less tangible, but critically important elements of customer value for the leading suppliers of RNA purification kits and reagents, including behavioral measurements (such as customer retention) and attitudinal measurements (such as overall customer experience, intent to re-purchase and willingness to recommend).
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