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Pistoia Alliance partners with Eagle Genomics, Cycle Computing
March 2012

NEW YORK—Eagle Genomics and Cycle Computing announced last month that they have jointly won a competitive bid by the Pistoia Alliance to support the development of a proof-of-concept system "to meet the future needs of pharmaceutical R&D IT."  
A four-month project, the Eagle Genomics & Cycle Computing proof-of-concept system is one of three proposals accepted out of a field of 11 total submissions. A commercial release of the Sequencing Analysis Platform is expected by mid-2012.  
The Pistoia Alliance, a global, not-for-profit, precompetitive alliance of life-science companies, vendors, publishers and academic groups says it has "a vision for the future of managing and sharing precompetitive pharmaceutical genomics R&D data," The alliance has created detailed requirements under the banner of Sequence Services Phase 2. The system, with a number of add-ons for analyzing this data through the use of standard bioinformatics tools and custom workflows, must ensure that each customer using it is completely confident that their data will remain private and confidential.
The partnership builds on Cycle Computing's extensive experience in securing and scaling large-data applications in the cloud and Eagle Genomics' track record in delivering bioinformatics applications and workflows to eight out of 10 top global pharmaceutical companies. According to the companies, the project is on track to be a "robust, scalable, and highly adaptable solution that meets the vast majority of current Pistoia member needs, plus many of their future ones."  
"The Pistoia Alliance's vision in recognizing the significance of disruptive technologies and associated new business models presents a superb showcase for the talents of Cycle Computing and Eagle Genomics to provide open innovation solutions to customers in the pharmaceutical sector—and beyond," said David Flanders, CEO of Eagle Genomics, in a statement.  
"Cycle is committed to supporting the standards that help spark innovation, unify silos and streamline data digestion," added Jason Stowe, CEO of Cycle Computing. "We look forward to collaborating with the alliance members and with the talent of Eagle Genomics in bioinformatics and Cycle Computing in Cloud HPC workflow management, meet the challenges facing both researchers today and into the next generation." 



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