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Building on their relationship
March 2012
by Jeffrey Bouley  |  Email the author


VIENNA, Austria —A pair of Austrian companies, Vela Laboratories and Anagnostics Bioanalysis GmbH, are teaming up in a strategic partnership aimed at technology that will assist in patient stratification and affinity testing in drug discovery applications in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical realms.  
Vela Laboratories already considers itself among the leading companies offering efficacy and release testing for biopharmaceuticals under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) conditions, and with this latest deal, Vela and Anagnostics have agreed upon a strategic partnership in the fields of analytical services and marketing and sales for drug discovery applications.  
"The fast-growing demand in the field of biosimilars and comparability testing results in a need for creative business models. Vela obtained an international reputation within the market for complete characterization of biopharmaceuticals, biologics and biosimilars and is among the top tier suppliers of ICH Q6B conform protein analytics," according to Dr. Markus Fido, CEO of Vela Laboratories. "Anagnostics' hybcell technology offers totally new analytical solutions, which we want to offer our customers. Together, we can serve our customers more efficiently and comprehensively."  
"Synergies stemming from Anagnostics' innovative analytical approaches and the outstanding expertise of Vela Laboratories will enable Anagnostics to speed up the market penetration in the field of drug discovery," adds Christoph Reschreiter, CEO of Anagnostics Bioanalysis.
The first step in the joint effort is to apply Anagnostics' compact sequencing for patient stratification during clinical studies, such as a test for mutations in the KRAS and BRAF genes.  
The second step of the strategic partnership is to apply Anagnostics' affinity and immunogenicity measurement technology for the characterization of drug candidates as an alternative to such methods as surface plasmon resonance (SPR). In comparison to state-of-the-art methods like SPR, the companies notes, hybcell offers "far more capacity for simultaneous examinations of samples and is less vulnerable to interferences," thus offering higher selectivity. Another advantage, they say, is the ability of hybcell tests to be stored over long periods of time.  
"Especially for long-term projects, this aspect could be an advantage for researchers, as they can compare new drug candidates under the same conditions that were applied for examinations earlier in the project," the companies noted in the news release about their partnership.  
Vela Laboratories is an internationally active GMP-certified contract research and analytics laboratory offering a broad portfolio of analytical methods, especially for characterization of proteins.  
Anagnostics Bioanalysis focuses on development and production of systems and tests for analytics in drug development—such as affinity and immunogenicity—and clinical diagnostics for such purposes as drugs of abuse, oncology and severe infections. The combination of DNA and protein tests on the same device (hyborg) enables innovative and efficient diagnostic solutions for the rapidly growing demand driven by personalized medicine, the company maintains. Since 2005, the company has developed multiplexed analytical systems (hyborg) and tests (hybcells). The patented hybcell is reportedly the world's first cylindrical microarray and forms the core of Anagnostics' technology. Based on this hybcell, complete test kits are assembled and fully automated processed by hyborg, the company says.  
Vela and Anagnostics are not strangers to one another. August 2011 saw Anagnostics release news that it had tapped Vela Laboratories to be its first service partner, so that Vela could offer its pharmaceutical and biotech clients the ability to use Anagnostics' hybcell microarray platform. Also, in January 2011, Vela announced that was working with Anagnostics to develop a method for detecting KRAS2 and BRAF mutations using the hybcell platform.  
News of the formation of 2012's strategic partnership followed a matter of days after Anagnostics announced it had entered into an exclusive sales partnership for Nordic countries with Denmark-based company Ramcon A/S, under which Ramcon will begin selling available drug screening tests (hybcell DoA Urine and hybcell DoA Saliva) and pharmacogenetics tests (hybcell Oncogenes Tissue) in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

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