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In vitro protein expression technology for improved protein functionality
January 2010

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has introduced an in vitro protein expression system that improves post-translational modification of proteins. The Thermo Scientific Pierce In Vitro Glycoprotein Expression Kit synthesizes and accurately glycosylates protein in vitro at higher efficiencies than current commercially available methods. The easy-to-use protein synthesis and glycosylation reaction requires only 90 minutes, without the addition of other components such as microsomal membranes. When glycosylation is not necessary, the Pierce In Vitro Protein Expression Kit is available. Both kits rely on novel human cell lysates for the necessary protein synthesis machinery. The brief 90-minute reaction produces up to four-fold higher protein expression over commonly used in vitro translation systems. The kits continue to synthesize proteins for up to six hours, resulting in much higher yields. The human cell lysate-based systems offer better lot-to-lot reproducibility over kits based on rabbit reticulocyte lysate. The Pierce In Vitro Glycoprotein and Protein Expression Kits can use genes from any organism to produce proteins of any cellular location. The kits are ideal for numerous applications, including protein interaction studies and mass spec analysis. The clear cell lysates also allow for colorimetric detection methods. The kits are available for use with either DNA or RNA templates and contain sufficient reagents for 50 reactions. Smaller, introductory-sized versions of all kits are also available, with sufficient reagents for 10 reactions.
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