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All-in-one fluorescence microscope with easy load-and-go operation
January 2009


Olympus has introduced the FSX100 Bio Imaging Navigator all-in-one microscope system, a compact, fluorescence microscope and camera system that allows the operator to capture high-quality microscope images with load-and-go simplicity, just by following a simple guide displayed on the screen. Designed for use by less experienced microscope users and in multi-user facilities, the system delivers all the quality of Olympus' world-renowned optical technologies, but with one-touch simplicity. Even first-time users can easily navigate through the few short steps to capture high-quality fluorescence images in moments.  Just load the specimen, follow a few easy steps on the screen, and images are immediately captured and ready to access. The load-and-go FSX100 automates complicated adjustments such as fluorescence filter switching, brightness adjustment, camera exposure times and focusing that used to be done manually. The user simply turns on the power, opens the cover, loads a specimen and closes the cover. An image of the specimen is focused, observed and captured just by clicking the mouse. Unlike other fluorescence microscopes, the FSX100 works well in a brightly lit room. Its compact, all-in-one body allows the system to be installed in locations too small or otherwise unsuitable for traditional microscopes. The system includes a high-resolution objective, a digital camera for capturing high-quality images, and an outer housing that creates the essential darkroom-type conditions for fluorescence imaging. The Bio Imaging Navigator FSX100 is equipped with Olympus optics, including a 40x objective lens with a numerical aperture of 0.95 for a dry system. The objective efficiently collects weak fluorescence signals and captures high-quality images with a high signal-to-noise ratio. The system also includes a high-performance digital camera, a light source, and convenient viewing and editing functions such as library management for images, along with export of measurement data to Microsoft Office Excel for use in presentation materials and academic papers.

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