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Wyeth gets potential obesity treatment with Thiakis purchase
January 2009

COLLEGEVILLE, Pa.Wyeth Pharmaceuticals announced last month that it acquired Thiakis Ltd., a privately held biotechnology company based in the United Kingdom. Thiakis' lead product candidate, TKS1225, is being studied for the treatment of medical obesity and other co-morbidities. TKS1225 and related compounds are synthetic versions of the natural gastrointestinal peptide oxyntomodulin.

Under the terms of the deal, Wyeth acquires Thiakis for approximately $30 million. Additional payments of up to approximately $120 million would be payable upon the achievement of certain development milestones.

"This acquisition is evidence of our commitment to develop and bring to market innovative, high-value medicines that have the potential to address significant unmet needs in critical therapeutic areas such as metabolic disorders," says Mikael Dolsten, president, Wyeth Research. "Thiakis' research and development program fits well with our goal of addressing the medical burden of obesity in a targeted manner using biologic-based therapies."

Oxyntomodulin is a 37 amino acid peptide. Its role in the control of appetite has recently emerged. TKS1225 is a novel, long-acting synthetic peptide analogue of oxyntomodulin in early clinical development for medical obesity. Defined as a BMI greater than or equal to 30 or a BMI greater than or equal to 27 when associated with comorbid conditions.

"As we take this important step with Wyeth, we are certain we have chosen the right company to follow through on our vision and commitment to develop and commercialize important new therapies that help address the growing worldwide medical epidemic of obesity," says John Burt, CEO and co-founder of Thiakis. DDN



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