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Shore invests $6M in healthcare AI data startup
February 2019
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NEW YORK—H1, which touts itself as the first company to arm healthcare organizations with live data insights to help fight diseases, announced in late 2018 that Shore Group had invested $6 million to accelerate H1’s growth.
H1 says it has built a technology infrastructure grounded in machine intelligence that enables it to quickly find and surface relevant data from any public clinical and scholarly database anywhere in the world. The company “layers in” curated data harvested from hundreds of thousands of website profiles and conference presentations. According to H1, the result is that what used to take a healthcare organization a month to find and analyze—if they could find it at all—now takes just hours.
Ariel Katz, co-founder of H1, came to Shore Group when the company acquired his startup Labspot in 2016. He had a vision for a data company focused solely on healthcare, and Shore Group encouraged him to start H1 in late 2017.
“H1 has been very successful in developing technology that surfaces hard-to-find healthcare data and arms clients with that data so they can make better and faster data-driven decisions along their development pipeline,” said Ian Sax, CEO of Shore Group. “Ariel has opened our eyes to the big opportunities in healthcare data, and we are excited to continue to invest in H1.”
Added Katz: “With expertise in data collection for some of the largest global financial institutions, Shore Group was the ideal incubation spot for H1, as we established ourselves in the healthcare data space. Now that we are on solid footing, with a clear path to growth, we’re excited to operate independently, with Shore Group’s backing as an investor.”
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