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DDNews Cancer Research Exclusive
(Photo credit: Stephan Lab / Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)
Biomedical mesh loaded with T cells and implanted on tumors led to tumor clearance in mouse models, Fred Hutchinson team reports
Expression data suggest potential of PVRIG inhibition to enhance T cell priming and infiltration into both inflamed and less inflamed tumors
Trial of GC4419 in combination with stereotactic body radiation therapy improved overall survival in patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer
The publication identifies a new T-cell exclusion mechanism attributed to CD47-SIRPα signaling
Validation of Bluestar Genomics’ technology for non-invasive detection of pancreatic cancer is published in Nature Communications
Ascentage Pharma is granted two Orphan Drug designations by the FDA for APG-115 and APG-1252
Researchers believe that the drug combination has immediate translational implications
The monoclonal antibodies combination therapy demonstrated superior overall survival versus platinum-based chemotherapy
Collaborative studies at University of Missouri show promise
Recent happenings on the R&D front to better understand cancer and create oncology therapeutics
by Martin Lachs/Brandon Fletcher
As excitement and investment related to adoptive cell transfer products increases, there are concerns and issues that need to be addressed in terms of long-term follow-up trials

by Sue Cramp, Charles River
In pursuit of new options for treating childhood cancers, a new approach to drug discovery and development may be an answer

by Andrea Toell of Lonza
Andrea Toell of Lonza shares how CAR T cells are transforming immuno-oncology

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