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DDNews Special Reports  

Throughout each year, we examine specific trends or current topics of importance to the drug discovery arena. These Special Reports dissect the latest news involving global partnerships and business deals and take a closer look at such issues as informatics, diagnostics, automation and instrumentation, ‘omics and systems biology, research and development, government issues and the growing contract research services market.  
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A decade on, nanomedicines may finally be ready to jump to the fore

Metabolic Disease
Novel approaches are expanding the focus on both prominent and rare metabolic disorders

The pending patent cliff means companies need to take a second look

Developing world diagnostic solutions might make emerging markets merging markets

Basic Science
New technologies and attitudes offer medicinal chemists an evolving role in drug discovery
DNA: A winding string of achievements

Examining 60 years of scientific progress since the discovery of DNA


Vaccine Development

No vaccine is an island

Adjuvant advances, international interactions and personalized preventions are transforming the world of vaccinology


Personalized Medicine
CDx market sees strong growth despite regulatory, development burdens
Signals in the noise  
Informatics challenges hinder progress in personalized medicine development  


Drug Repurposing
Everything old is new again
Drug repositioning provides cost savings, shortcuts  
Going for multiple shots on goal
Drugmakers seek more than one application for compounds in early phase of development


Cell Biology
Physics, chemistry and informatics combine to push life into the 4th dimension
For personalized medicine to truly arrive, cell biology may be more important in the end than genomics
Trends in Cell Biology: DDNEWS Interview with Dr. V. Jo Davisson
Expert in the cell biology field identifies some of the themes dominating this growing research area
Stem Cells
A place for my cells 
As collections expand, biorepositories are bursting at the seams  

Model citizens
Stem cells’ promise of disease-in-a-dish opens doors to truly personalized medicine 

An eye to stem cell therapies
Despite the renewed research interests in stem cells, therapeutics push the market
The promise, the pitfalls and a paradigm shift   
The complex history of stem cell research yields hope for improved human health, unresolved concerns
Just like stem cells, global research efforts with them are many and varied
DDNEWS Editorial Roundtable: Ethics and stem cell research
Researchers discuss the ethical, moral and scientific concerns associated with stem cell research
In new survey, we try to get to the bottom of perceptions on stem cells and other R&D efforts
Staking a claim
Growing stem cell market entices Big Pharma to harness its power for drug screening, toxicity testing
Blazing the trail
Backed by strong venture capital funding, biotechs organize around promise of stem cell research
A roundup of North America's top five academic research institutions in the stem cell arena
Tools of the trade  
Life science tool providers provide constant support to ever-evolving stem cell research community 
Epigenetics: Half of the picture
Science plugs stem cells into epigenetic opportunities that control various disease states

Regenerating interest in stem cell medicine
Stem cell technologies still hold potential to replace organs and tissues, but initial hype has been toned down

Drug Delivery

Drug delivery: Why getting there isn’t half the fun
With evolving dosage forms, the dissolution test is constantly being altered

Plop, fizz ... fizzle
How the “fizz, fizz” part is all too often missing in today’s new drug formulations


Screening Technology 

Research at the speed of light
High-throughput screening technology leads to advances in drug discovery 

Billions of screens have produced … what?
Critics of high-throughput screening ask: Is the approach of building a bigger haystack really the best way to find more needles?
Label-free: The way to be?
In this exclusive editorial roundtable discussion, a panel of companies producing label-free technologies for drug discovery opine on trends, future of this growing market    

Plus: Label-free technology primer
A partly impartial and partly commercial introduction to the state of the tech for label-free assays

Are we all fighting for the same endgame?

An aside on side effects
Are we really making things better for cancer patients?

‘Good enough’ is no longer good enough  
Aiming beyond the standard of care in oncology

Pharmacogenomics harnesses power of prediction, personalization
Branch of pharmacology stands at the precipice of the era of personalized medicine in cancer treatment

Getting down to basics
Researchers dig deep into the genome, not just to establish the causes of cancer, but also the best approaches to treatment

Two are better than one
The challenges and rewards of developing companion diagnostics for cancer treatment

Biomarkers: How good a test are they?
Tracing biological fingerprints, known as biomarkers, can be a valuable and rapidly growing part of medical research

Report: Cancer diagnostics market could hit $90 million by 2014
Market research publisher Kalorama Information predicts a $90 million market for pharmacodiagnostics, tests that determine whether a treatment matches the individual patient, by 2014

Knowledge is power
Breakthroughs in cancer research are frequently pioneered in the halls of academia

Federal funding and the 40 years’ war on cancer
Government bureaucracy may be thwarting funding of breakthrough cancer research

Financing the fight
Foundations are at ground zero in the battle against cancer

Pink ribbons and yellow bracelets
The strange paradox of cancer’s persistence in the face of public optimism about progress toward a cure


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